Animals at risk of disappearing from the Swedish fauna

We have chosen two species: the wolf and the wild boar. The first one is an animal that was commonly found in our region (Skåne) for many years ago.  The wolf is quite unusual in Skåne today but becoming more and more common. We have a growing wolf population in Sweden and as a result of it we get more hiking wolves, ie young males who set out to search for a female with appropriate territory. Still, these are of no or at most a few individuals per year. However, we will have to get used to this.

The second specie we have chosen is the wild boar. The wild boar has a long history in Sweden which began for more than 8,000 years ago. Wild boar was hunted to extinction, but was reintroduced in captivity. After several escapes during the 1970’s – and 1980’s, the wild population has increased in various parts of southern Sweden and is now estimated to over 300,000. The population is still growing at a fast rate as they populate new regions of Sweden each year.

These animals are in no danger of extinction, perhaps the wolf, but they represent how people affected and affects the lives of animals and whole nature.

By Entheta – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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