Guided tour to a solar-cells plant at Sege

Twenty students and three teachers from the Electricity Programme at secondary school Vipan, met our guides at Sege Park , near Malmö.  We are curious about the technology. The guide explains the basic information on solar cells in an analogous way.

Three test sites sitting on this roof. A fixedly, one that turns with the sun, and one that angles up by the sun. More technology and more that can go wrong?

The guide showed us a freestanding facility of monocrystalline silicon which turns with the sun. It is good with cooling and to get the maximum effect. Even on a cloudy day like this plant produces 0.5 kW.   The facade of the school is built with elements of solar panels. Good at the facades facing south.sege-8sege-7sege-5sege-3i-segeel-sege2

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