World Water Day

We visited the visitors’ center of Pirin National park. We also celebrated the World Water Day with two events. The second visit in the City treatment plant to greet them with their professional celebration and to give them a special present- a big poster with more than 15 pictures from our previous visit. Next we visited the visitors’ center where we watched a film about the water, bears, and forest.  There were many games and competitions. These events took place on 22 of March, The World Water Day. Yesterday the youngest students from 1-4 grade, visited the park too. We have made beautiful things from recycled materials. We arranged an exhibition in the school hall. This is the content of the article. There is the name of the project and Erasmus+.

Ученици от ОУ „Св.св. Кирил и Методий” в Бачево – приятели на гората и неините обитатели

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