Mapping the conditions for environmental improvement measures in a European context

Greetings from Vipan in Lund, Sweden

Vipan is the newest local secondary school in Lund.


At Vipan we are aware that the future starts to take shape during the high school years. Supporting our pupils’ learning efforts in every possible way is one of our higher priorities.

It is said that the environment effects people. Our school is located in a park landscape with beautiful lawns surrounded by tall trees. Here you can find light, clean air and plenty of space. It is a place where our students experience freedom with accountability. It is an environment that facilitates concentration and peace and quiet, key elements for successful studies.

Our symbol, the lapwing, is a bird that flies willingly through the Scanian landscape to explore its territory. Its sharp whistling is heard often and clearly all over Scania. It flies over its territory but also far away from it because it is a migratory bird.

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