Mapping the conditions for environmental improvement measures in a European context

Has Beijing found a solution to smog?


Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artist and innovator, has invented a giant seven-metre-tall (23 feet) air purifier that is set to be tested this coming September in the city with 21 million residents.

The colossal device, named Smog Free Tower, is the largest air purifier in the world, claims Studio Roosegaarde. 

It can collect pollutants, process them and then condenses it into cubes measuring around four centimetres (1.6 inches).

The tower, standing about two stories tall, can clean 30,000 cubic metres (1,060,000 square feet) of fine smog per hour and uses no more electricity than a water boiler.

He teamed up with experts and designers from his studios to make the machine over a period of two years.

Everything is possible except and effort to reduce the CO2 emissions


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