Mapping the conditions for environmental improvement measures in a European context

Spanish students interview to Environment Councilman of Mérida about the climate change

IMG_4075Spanish students have had a meeting with the Environmental councilman of Mérida Rafael España Santamaría He told us that the council town is taken measures in order to control the emisions of CO2 to the atmosphere. allthough is not a clear legal competence of this institution in Spain.

The council town is working in three priority lines : promoting he public transport, improving the energy efficiency of the municipal buildings and focusing on renewable energies .

During one hour the council man has been talking witih our students about environmental municipal policies  and has conveyed us his concern about the climate change and the need to do something in all areas of our life against the greenhouse effect. He has invited us to use the public transport and especially to go walking to everywhere in Merida and in this way to enjoy our city .

This experience has been very interesting for our students given that this is their first contact with a politician with responsabilities on environmental matters  speking in English.

entrevista-concejal-medio-ambiente3 IMG_4073 IMG_4074 entrevista-concejal-medio-ambiente7

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