The Minister for the Environment of Extremadura visits the project works.

The MInister for the Environment of Extremadura, Begoña García Bernal,  have visited our school in order to verify the evolution of the works in our project . She verified the several activities made in our school this week as the organization of the green corner and the exhinition about endangered animals.

After this the MInister talked with our students about environmental questions

Visiting Cornalvo . A natural protected area near Mérida.

Students from 1st of ESO from the IES Sáenz de Buruaga have visited Cornalvo Natural Park , a natural protected area near Merida, where live several protected  species as black stork, Egyptian vulture or grey heron.

Our students have hung a poster that shows several recommendations for the visitors in order to preserve the environment.

The Green Corner of the IES Sáenz de Buruaga

Students from 1º ESO A have inaugurated our Green Corner . As you can see it is a facility with several functions . It has a screen with a projector in order to watch some video documentaries, a bookshelf with material about environment and a ground made of synthetic grass when students can sit down and work in a diferente environment.

After this inauguration other students from our school have been working in our Green Corner.

Our week of Biodiversity

This week our school celebrates the week of Biodiversity. We have prepared several activities as trips to natural protected areas, conferences about issues related with biodiversity, and finally an exhibition about animal in danger of extinction made by our students . From the 23th  till 27th of January we are going to work very hard to improve our knwoledges about Biodiversity and  the main  problems related with it .

Open Online Courses ” “Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia” and more

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) | The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)
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The IIIEE at Lund university has developed two MOOCs in the Greening the Economy series. The first MOOC is called “Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia” and the second is entitled “Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities”. The IIIEE is planning two new MOOCs in 2017 on the Circular Economy and Nature-based Solutions in Cities.

The MOOCs are free and have attracted over 65,000 visitors from more than 170 countries since starting in 2015.