World Water Day

We visited the visitors’ center of Pirin National park. We also celebrated the World Water Day with two events. The second visit in the City treatment plant to greet them with their professional celebration and to give them a special present- a big poster with more than 15 pictures from our previous visit. Next we visited the visitors’ center where we watched a film about the water, bears, and forest.  There were many games and competitions. These events took place on 22 of March, The World Water Day. Yesterday the youngest students from 1-4 grade, visited the park too. We have made beautiful things from recycled materials. We arranged an exhibition in the school hall. This is the content of the article. There is the name of the project and Erasmus+.

Students from Bachevo join the English tea ceremony and explain the Erasmus+ project

As you can read in the news, students from Bachevo made an interesting activity to spread our Erasmus+ project in the Bachevo school community the last Tuesday the 14th of March.

During the  tea ceremony , the coordinator introduced to parents and grandparents the activities done by Bulgarian students till now- they know someting but the students showed them many pictures . It was an ineresting activity wiith tea and spreading the information for the project.


Trek to a burned forest

Ten students from Bachevo, from 7 to 9 years old, have made the Saturday 18th of March a trek to a burned forest. A huge area from the National park Pirin near our city was destroyed in 2003 . Four  people made the fire from 4 different places. It was connected with the plans of one group of people, very rich then and presently very poor, to destroyed the area and to build there a big hotel complex with many houses for rich people from Europe and Asia. The fight with the fire took more than 5 days and nights.

The army was there, firefighters, citizens of Razlog… A military helicopters-too, but there was one big helicopter with equipment for firefighting. It fell down in the fire with 4 people aboard. These brave men died in the fire. Nowadays there is a big monument. Bulgarian students  went there to put flowers

 it was interesting for children to see some wolfs’ footprints, deers’ footprints and rabits’ footprints too. The guide , Mr Damianov told what can he ”read” from them and the students were very excited.

It was a really interesting activity to improve the awareness about the importance of the Bulgarian forests and know the dangers are threatened them


Earth Hour 2017

Let us pay attention to this year’s Earth Hour on March 25th. We are in a time when our decisions on the climate front can be crucial. Earth Hour is a great time to stop and think about how to stop the pollution. What can we do? What can you do? I suggest that we all, on March 25, writes down a list of what we can do to prevent environmental degradation. Will you participate?


Following the spirit of the ERASMUS PROJECT “DIAGNOSTICO…” we wanted to promote an environment very close to us in everyday life: the garden of our school.

As you can see from the photo documentation, this vast area had never been valued.

Thanks to the contribution of teachers and technical experts in Agronomy, and to the many students who got themselves involved in this adventure, today this area is reborn to a new life.

Special thanks to the follow teachers and students:

Pietro Serra, Gianni Pinna, Antonio Ruju;

Thanks to the students of class 3^ & 4^N.

The chosen model is the organic agriculture, inspired by the protection of biodiversity.

Bulgarian students learn about Bears.

Bulgarian students have participated in a workshop ebout the Bears and their living habits . There are a lot of beras in the mountains of Bachevo so it is very important knowing about thier life. In former times bears were a feared animals but nowadays bears are in danger because of the loss of thier habitat.

We can enjoy the video about bears It has lovely images

Spanish students participate in a school excursion to an environmental education centre.

Student from the first of ESO of our school have participated in a excursion to an Environmental Education Centre in tCuacos de Yuste a village near the mountains of the North of Extremadura.Our students have learnt a lot about ecofriendly attitudes . They have participated in several environmental workshops about recycling , natural herbs and responsible consumption.

CHESTITA BABA MARTA! -Happy Grandma Marta!

Today in Bulgaria we celebrate one very interesting holiday -we meet the first day of March with very old traditions.

We put on our hands, coats, blouses red and white string -it is a symbol of red blood -it means to be healthy and white -to be elderly as the snow on the highest mountain tops and to be white as the elderly people /not modern ones  which uses colour for their hair but like those one which lived many years ago and were happy with their white hair which symbolize wisdom!😃/

So CHESTITA BABA MARTA! Be red and white, be healthy and smiled…

We organized a special workshop -meeting Baba Marta and together with singing and dancing we make Gradma’s Marta garden from recycled materials- as a part from our project.