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Trek to a burned forest

Ten students from Bachevo, from 7 to 9 years old, have made the Saturday 18th of March a trek to a burned forest. A huge area from the National park Pirin near our city was destroyed in 2003 . Four  people made the fire from 4 different places. It was connected with the plans of one group of people, very rich then and presently very poor, to destroyed the area and to build there a big hotel complex with many houses for rich people from Europe and Asia. The fight with the fire took more than 5 days and nights.

The army was there, firefighters, citizens of Razlog… A military helicopters-too, but there was one big helicopter with equipment for firefighting. It fell down in the fire with 4 people aboard. These brave men died in the fire. Nowadays there is a big monument. Bulgarian students  went there to put flowers

 it was interesting for children to see some wolfs’ footprints, deers’ footprints and rabits’ footprints too. The guide , Mr Damianov told what can he ”read” from them and the students were very excited.

It was a really interesting activity to improve the awareness about the importance of the Bulgarian forests and know the dangers are threatened them


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