Mapping the conditions for environmental improvement measures in a European context

Second meeting, 24-28 april

For a whole week, four groups representing Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Sweden have gathered in Lund to work around our project. In addition to social activities aimed at bringing together our students, we have had four activities related to the environmental work: one on energy (clean energy) when we visited the eolian installation in Lillegrund, second largest in the world, between Sweden and Denmark, which produce energy that is sufficient for 60,000 households in Sweden. The second activity was a presentation of the work done in the different schools. The students presented to share their experiences. As the third activity we visited The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), University of Lund, founded in 1994. The vision of the IIIEE is to advance strategies for sustainable solutions through cutting edge interdisciplinary research. Professor Håkan Rodhe, specialist in strategies for sustainable consumption and lifestyles presented their activities for the group. The fourth activity was the planning of the continued project work.



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