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Monday, May 7th. The first day of walking in Sofia, travel to a wonderful monastery, nature experience and mingle. One day full of joy

It has been a long day but very content and educational. The first thing we learned today is that the city of Sofia is very spiritual. In addition, the city is open to all religions that are expressed in the city center, the Mosque, the Nevsky Cathedral, the Russian Church and the Synagogue, all in very prominent places. Unfortunately, we could not get into the synagogue because it was closed when we arrived, early in the morning. We were welcomed with open arms in the mosque. We men took off our shoes and left them out on the street, the girls took on shawls of different colors. They melted so well that a woman asked our Swedish girls if they were Muslims. Then we walked to the Russian Church and to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. very old and very impressive buildings. Then we went for lunch, because we were very hungry after all our walks (we walked 8.7 km according to the app), and so we waited for our Italian friends who just came when we finished the lunch.

Our Italian friends were picked up by our hosts by bus to the hotel and we all passed on to the monastery and Bachevo, in the snowy mountains. We will tell you tomorrow, we have to sleep now. Good night!

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