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Tuesday 8th of May, first day at the school in Bachevo

We started early today. Everyone had spent a first night with their host families. We were welcomed with open arms and we soon got into their daily lives. In the morning we all went to school and we received very well received Sonja, the school principal, and the teacher Goritsa. All the students stood there and, a couple of the bigger girls stood there with their traditional clothes and offered bread and honey. Then we came up to an aula where we were invited to traditional dishes. Then the Bulgarians presented their work and then it was our turn, in the Swedish group. Anton, Hannah and Felicia introduced Vipan’s work on the project during these years. Then we would have lunch and we had to eat typical Bulgarian dishes in a small restaurant. With the stomach full we went back to school to listen to the Spaniards’ presentation and then we went to the Culture House, where we participated in traditional dances and music activities dressed in traditional clothes. From there we went in a cart drawer of a horse who took us all over Bachevo. We went all in the cart and the horse managed all the steep streets. Then there was free time with our families and a little rest for tomorrow, it will be tough, we have heard.


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