Mapping the conditions for environmental improvement measures in a European context

Wednesday 9th of May. Sun, water and underground.

The day started as usual with a small bus ride, this time the bus stopped at a giant solar power park. It produces all the energy the village needs, 5 MW. Then the trip went to a water treatment plant. It is very interesting to see how dirty water is purified and waste residues are separated and used for the production of manure. Then we went a good distance to the country’s highest railway station, 1200m above sea level. There outside the station we had picnic in the nice sunny weather. We ate Bulgarian bread and Spanish cheeses, which the Spaniards brought with them. After the food we go to the Lepenitsa cave, an experience! We managed to get there, the long way through the woods, because the bus could not drive us out, and then we split into two groups of experienced guides. We are happy and proud that we made it and tonight we all sleep well.

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