Mapping the conditions for environmental improvement measures in a European context

Thursday, May 10th. The school and the mountain.

Today was the last working day at school. The Spaniards accounted for their work with parks and nature in the cities. Although it may sound strange, some people complain about trees in the city. Complaints may concern barred visibility or dead leaves on the sidewalks. There is a lot of work left to get those who complain to understand that a green city is good for everyone. They also explained their work in investigating the transportation pattern among the people of Merida. Cycling could be a good option, and the students in Sáez de Buruaga experienced this in the city of Seville, where they have invested in public transport and bicycling as an alternative to the car. After the lecture, we visited the town hall, where we were received by the Mayor Rositsa Chatlabasheva from GERB (Citizen of Bulgaria’s European Development) who in perfect English told her that she had experience of Comenius projects, from her time as English teacher in the school we are working with in Bachevo .
After the visit we were picked up in two minibuses and a suv and up to the mountain, where you breed under sheltered forms deer and wild boar. The road there was incredibly difficult, through sandy roads with big rocks and deep hills. You became dizzy and jammed by the car jumps and turns. Finally we arrived at our destination and experienced the Bulgarian forest´s flora and fauna, a very nice and instructive experience. By that time we were very hungry and luckily a nice meal with salad and grilled meat was waiting and after dinner we took a nice walk on foot back to Bachevo. The afternoon was free to look around in the city and mingle with our friends.

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