We are a group of teachers from Spain, Bulgaria, Italy and Sweden who work in an Erasmus + KA2 project called ”Mapping the conditions for environmental improvement measures in a European context” – As the title indicates, we will work interdisciplinary environmental issues. We have already started environmental groups in our schools.

The website is built by Martin Martinez y Riqué to collect and publish all our work in the project. Teachers, school leaders and students from all our schools contribute with material and use the page in daily teaching.

The website is aimed to all teachers, students and parents in our schools. The website is linked via our schools websites and Facebook.

We want to communicate with the world the way we work in terms of teaching methods and themes that we have chosen. We also want to increase our skills to communicate in text and image, and enhance our understanding and use of English.

the largest part of the Swedish students involved in the project and participating in the website, comes from the the largest part of the Swedish students involved in the project, participating in the website, comes from the Business and Administration program. Among Exam Objectives of Business and Administration Program states that:

“It (the program) should develop students’ skills in using IT in a situational manner. The program will also give students opportunities for extending advanced studies in English.”


We are aware of the importance to keep the copyright norms. We own the copyright to all the materials that we present in the home, because it is our own images and text. In the few cases we use other material is such that we have permission for such Television programs in which we participate, newspaper articles where we interviewed. When any single image is used from we write this in the text.

We believe that our website is relevant and useful to others. We have learned a lot during our work and the site has helped us to keep together our project in a way that otherwise would have been difficult, with so many countries, schools and people involved.

Our students are delighted to see how their works are used in teaching and learning and motivates them for their further studies. It’s a great way to make school work more interesting.