A day in Paradise

Well, I mean a paradise for birds, especially flamingos, but unfortunately these beautiful birds didn’t want to greet us today. It was a beautiful day and we can imagine how it can look like when all the birds are in place. The reeds, islands, peninsulas and salt marsh pools in the Bird Paradise area create a favorable […]

Day 2, Ephesus

The second day in Izmir offered an important and very interesting history lesson. We learned that Ephesus was the second most populated town in the Roman Empire for about 2000 years ago with 250 000 inhabitants. Before that Ephesus was the most important Greek city in Ionian Asia Minor, the ruins of which lie near the […]

First working day in Izmir, Monday, May 6th 2019

We started at school, teachers and students together. We were received by the headmaster, who welcomed us. Then we went through the school and greeted both teachers and students. Ezgi Kutlubay presented the city’s work on developing the city’s ecological footprint with many targeted measures to improve and streamline transport and other infrastructure. Martin Martinez […]

Now we are members of The Swedish Climate Network

https://klimatsverige.se/om-oss/organisation/anslut-dig-till-natverket-klimatsverige/ The student group involved in the project Green Schools Green Future in the Upper Secondary School Vipan has become a member of the Swedish Climate Network, witch brings together organizations and individuals who take the warnings of climate research fully seriously. We want Sweden to take the lead in a quick and fair global […]

The Extinction Rebellion

I have been in London for a few days and I have been involved in things, really important things, namely The Extinction Rebellion. The big demonstration that cut the traffic in London and which was visited yesterday by Greta Thunberg. The demonstration has created chaos but also attracted attention to the climate issue by placing […]

The Callendar effect

The inventor and engineer Guy Steward Callendar came to be the man who resurrected the issue of the importance of CO2 content for the climate. In the 1930s, Callendar performed a variety of meteorological measurements and also used measurements made in the 19th century. These measurements showed, on the one hand, that the CO2 content […]